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FixCHS is a program to fix a specific boot issue. This issue occurs when moving a harddisk from one computer to another computer (or a virtual machine) with a different BIOS. The reason is that the first sectors are being loaded using CHS values. When the boot loader is fully loaded, the system continues with LBA and the issue does not occur anymore. Different BIOS uses different CHS values.

This issue occurs mainly on Windows with MBR boot and DOS. GRUB, LILO and EFI does not have that issue. Do not attempt to use FixCHS on these systems.


FixCHS Disk Number [/i] [/a] [/f] [/m] [/u]
Disk Number Number of the disk (normally 0)
/i Installs FixCHS to the disk
/a always run FixCHS on boot (for USB sticks)
/f Force installation of FixCHS
/m Installs a new generic MBR
/u Uninstalls FixCHS from the disk


Warning: I do not guarantee the correct operation of the programm and I'm not responsible in any form in case of damage or data loss.